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The Evolution of Ergonomics

US Ergonomics approach to workplace ergonomics focuses on achieving sustainable gains in productivity while reducing the ergonomic risks and ensuring employee health & safety. US Ergonomics applies quantitative ergonomic risk assessment methods to assess the need for change and enable ergonomic risk management. This has resulted in dramatic and quantifiable reductions to the incident rates and lost work days experienced by our customers while providing a significant return on investment.

US Ergonomics maintains a state-of-the-art ergonomics laboratory to conduct ergonomic product testing and ergonomics product certification. A product that is truly ergonomic will provide measurable advantages to user comfort, fit and performance while reducing the ergonomics risks factors.

US Ergonomics maintains a staff of highly experienced Certified Professional Ergonomists and Health & Safety Specialist including industrial and mechanical engineers, occupational therapists and medical professionals working with businesses to implement the most effective ergonomic strategies. Through measurement, six-sigma strategies and continuous improvement our customers are defining the best practices in ergonomics today and for the future

The Ergonomics Product Certification

United States Ergonomics offers ergonomic certification of products, equipment, and processes.

Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
User Approved: True Ergonomics


"Following the ergonomics implementation our productivity climbed 65% while injury rates dropped to zero."
Corporate Director of Production R&D, Duracell

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